Universally Broke

I tried to start off this post a couple of times already with various openers but given that I had to hit the backspace hard on all of them I’ve decided to start it off with this, my fumbling answer to what is essentially dancing around the fact that I’m trying to get the ball rolling on starting today’s post.

Now I don’t want to sound like a grumpy old man, because I’m a complacent young man but I have been wondering recently why the university system makes it so difficult for young people to have an education without welcoming in their professional lives in a sea of debt, liver failure and overdrafts.

Because despite the fact that more and more people are going to university, therefore allowing the universities to gain more money and therefore lessen the need to charge people more, this year the price of a large number of UK universities is going to go up to around 9000 pounds per year.

Now, for people who are guaranteed a job afterwards, that’s all well and good, but for people taking common subjects such as media studies, that are quite difficult to get a job in afterwards due to the high demand, it’s a bit much to ask them to pay so much for what is essentially a huge gamble for them.

I suppose I can only hope in my rather optimistic assumption that because I got into the system one year early, once I find myself on the course I’m essentially planning to step up onto I can avoid paying the ridiculous amounts of money the university needs to be able to now compete with the other universities.

I suppose I should probably say something about the encouragement to go out and spend thirty quid getting into a sweat club with overpriced drinks and full of people you don’t know, but I could go on about that for months really, so that’s probably a rather apt topic for another day.


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