No More Exploring

So internet explorer 6 is officially dead.

Funny, I had no idea anyone still used internet explorer in any form, certainly when in university etc. it’s forced on you by the downloading restrictions, cheap computers and lack of thought put into what the users of the computers will actually want, but I was getting pretty disillusioned apparent by how many people have yet to move on from the microsoft-branded browser.

I have to say, based on completely anecdotal experience that internet explorer is the most clunky browser I’ve used, and even in aesthetics it pales in comparison to just about everything else.

And yet internet explorer 9 is still the world’s most popular browser?

Do that many people get on with their digital lives with just the programs the computer came with?

Do they not know there are other, less shitty options out there?

Perhaps I’m being a little overdramatic here, after all, it’s just an internet browser, and just because it’s restricted from performing certain actions doesn’t meant that it’s completely useless, just as compared to ableton and logic audacity isn’t completely useless, it’s just hopelessly incompetent compared to better quality programs that are made for the same purpose.

The internet has spoken I’m sure, during the past however long and deemed internet explorer near the bottom of the list of quality choices for browsing, and for a browser that’s about as dead as comic sans was to fonts I should probably not be surprised with the browsing equivalents of those funfair organisers that have just worked out how to use word art, deciding that they’re internet savvy because they’ve just installed a yahoo toolbar.

I suppose I can let these people off however, they can still get to this blog and hear my pointless ramblings, and as long as they’re not using bing at least they’ve got something on their side.


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