Dear Microsoft, Stop Trying To Get Rid Of Controllers

In hoping that I can get a few more years out of my xbox 360 I might be soon disappointed when the new rows of consoles come out and stop the sales of 360 games in favour of the new replacements that are apparently a necessity now the wii u has been announced.

Take a look at this xbox players and cry yourself to sleep.

Why the constant arms race? Is your faith in your infinitely better respected hardware so little that you have to make a new system that’s pretty much the wii u with a different logo on it?

And why is it that the non-gamer market has become so much of a big deal for these companies. People who would rather play wii sports than skyrim are not interested in your systems and no matter how many obnoxious boybands you stick on your adverts you’re not going to convince One Direction that noobachu is not a pokemon. I actually had a reference video for you there but apparently One Direction’s lawyers have taken it off of youtube. Perhaps for some reason they think that people actually believe that they know what pokemon is and aren’t just a bunch of mindless music industry sex zombies based on the face of Justin Bieber only more Brtitish.

I know I haven’t talked about the problems with the music industry for quite a while, maybe even over a year but I really bloody hate boybands, they make me want to grab a sledgehammer, hunt down the CEO of atlantic records and demand some answers to the horror they encompass, but that isn’t what I’m here to talk about today.

Look Microsoft. I know you’re really proud of Kinect and I know you’re excited about breaching the market that wii fit previously took all by itself but don’t piss on the faces of your core market, don’t flip the bird to people who actually want to play games with a controller and some substance.

Just because nintendo’s touch screen and motion sensor mad does not mean that you have to go along with their plan.

In fact, some companies pride themselves on being unique and original. Why not treat your real audience with some fresh ideas that appeal to the gamer and not to the single parent who’s getting bored of playing bop it and wants to play bop it 3D no controller edition instead.


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