Elongated Blobs

Everyone doing biology who wears glasses needs to get contact lenses. That’s point number one, although I don’t think I’d ever be able to convince myself to stick a piece of glass in my eye given how much I flinch and how squeamish I am, it would make microscopy a lot easier.

Alternatively you can stand over the microscope and look like you’re crying to yourself because your eyes are watering so much. You will be able to see things, it’ll just strain your eye like nothing has strained it before, although from the looks of the other people in the room I’m not confident enough to say that they weren’t having trouble either, perhaps it was through my desperation to stop my eye watering that I finished early, but perhaps not, either way I’m back and blogging.

Although apparently I need to make a note to myself, if something’s meant to look like a column, you should probably expect it to look like a column, not an elongated blob.

Although I suppose under the microscope pretty much everything resembles an elongated blob, it’s just that some of the elongated blobs look a little more sophisticated and complex than the other elongated blobs.

And now if you google elongated blob my name will surely come up.

Either way, the only thing that this really proves is that I’m a pussy, which isn’t a result I would usually celebrate, but since I know it to be true I might as well accept it. Flinching is good for you, it’s as close as we’re ever going to get to spider senses so I might as well use it to its full, paranoia-infused potential and cower away from every sudden movement that happens to encroach on my path.


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