Hair Science?

Hello again.

About a minute ago I just happened to stumble across an advert that was interesting enough to get my attention, where the woman from ten years younger walks into some research facility to discover the ‘science behind the claims’ or something to that effect, an advertisement that was so long and stupid that they had to put a banner at the bottom of the screen reminding people that they were indeed watching an advertisement and that real science labs don’t have so many people that look eerily like TV actors and are just vague enough about their research that you’re not quite sure why they’re on the screen.

So the woman walks into the institute, finds some guy who looks like he holds a vague sense of authority and she goes on to ask him ‘isn’t all hair the same?’ A question I thought to be rather appropriate, however, when he doesn’t answer the question she nods her head and smiles as if all of her doubts have been removed.

‘No’ he says, ‘in fact there are different hair types, long and thick hair can get split ends.’ At which point I was thinking ‘no, go back to the bit where you said there were different hair types and describe what they are and why they’re so different they can be considered specialised enough to need their own shampoo, which does seem like a ridiculous idea. but instead we are taken inside a lab where a woman tells the first woman, ‘well we’ve known about different hair types for a while’ at which point I was thinking, ‘if this advert is based around this idea why is it never explained?’

Which part is it that changes between these types? Point to the part on the diagram where there’s a vast difference and then explain why on earth it would warrant a specialised shampoo and why this isn’t just a ploy to entice people with more money than sense to stack up on toiletries that they assume have been crafted to their exact needs by a team of grinning elves with party hats on.

People, everyone wants answers and if we could get the same people who still don’t understand LOST to come and take a look at this advert we might actually be able to pester pantene enough to uncover what the hell they’re talking about.


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