Dear W H Smith’s…

Dear W H Smith’s,

I like going into your shop and browsing, I especially like that you have a graphic novel section and although you have about five different magazines devoted to absolute bollocks on your shelves you do need to cater to a variety of interests, that’s business for you, however, if I may I’d like to ask you why you stick conspiracy theories and people like Deepak Chopra into the science section of your shop, despite the fact that these people write books where they pretend to understand the notion of science they’ve barely got past understanding the scientific method, never mind the discoveries made by it and why the mainstream scientific community accepts some ideas and does not accept the rest.

Please make sure that in future you check the background of certain authors and make sure that they wouldn’t be better placed in the religion and spirituality section of your store alongside other things they have endorsed and that endorse their views.

Please also move the unlock your psychic potential and chinese astrology books into that section, they are not scientific and should be treated as such, I’m sure if Richard Dawkins was placed in the religion and spirituality section for the God delusion you would remove it instantly despite him dealing with the same topic in that book.

The same method should be applied the opposite way around, despite the fact that these people are talking as if they are dealing with actual science they should be placed in a section that reflects the nature of the book, and not the method of knowledge they are attempting to tarnish.

Yours sincerely,



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