Meanwhile, In Castle Adams…

Okay folks, it’s time to storm the gates of the Mike Adams castle and take out his infantry with actual information!

What am I talking about? Well it would be a completely redundant statement to say that Mike Adams was at it again, the guy’s never stopped spouting unsubstantiated claims over at but seeing as we can use facebook to comment over there I thought it would be rather interesting, especially considering there are already some people joining in with the discourse, to add a little something to the mix of comments.

In this rather terribly written piece of fear-mongering you can find such great comments as:

‘Anything you would not eat, should not be put on your skin either.’ – Rich Boes

To which there is a rather easy response. – ‘Rich Boes, that comment makes no sense, your skin and your digestive system work very differently, rubbing food on your skin is bad for your skin just as eating sunscreen would be bad for your digestive system, perhaps once you’ve eaten your way through your can of deodorant you can tell us how your logic worked out in the end.’

Not that the commenters are anywhere near as dangerous to the minds of the readers as Mike Adams himself; everyone’s favourite paranoid loon is still coming out with corkers such as this: ‘Think vaccines are safe? You’ve been hoodwinked by the popular media parroting drug company propaganda. Vaccines are preserved with methyl mercury, one of the most dangerous chemical forms of the toxic heavy metal. This mercury is injected directly into the bodies of children where it causes severe neurological damage. And yes, it does cause Autism, despite what you’ve read in the dumbed-down press. Only a fool would inject their child with mercury-preserved vaccines.’

And of course, as big of an internet sensation as he is, you’d think he would have the facts on his side?

He doesn’t?

Well that’s interesting.

Of course there’s always a winner in the comments section on each article and today’s hero of Mike Adams’ comments section is Matt Clark with this golden nugget: ‘The number one most dangerous thing to children is the author of this article.’

Congratulations Matt, you win my respect and a bottle of spitfire.


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