The Death Of Kerrang

-I apologise in advance for this blog post’s shameless rudeness and crude imagery-

So although there’s absolutely no point in any way of saying that kerrang isn’t what it used to be, given that I can’t even look at it on a shelf anymore without sneering, I think that something needs to be said when you turn on Kerrang TV, something poppier than Miley Cyrus comes on and burns your ear drums.

But not only that, when you turn over to magic TV, the pop station, and you hear something much heavier, and then there’s that awkward moment when you realise it’s Christina Aguilera’s fighter.

That’s when you realise that Kerrang is now less rock than Christina Aguilera.

Now for a network based around rock music this is quite worrying, but I think a lot of people probably saw this coming, what with the hollywood undead, youmeatsix and all time low promoting despite them all being atrocities to music…

Heck, I even saw 3oh!3 in there a couple of times.

Now, I’m not saying that a station based on playing rock music when other stations just stick to whatever boy band garbage the major labels are throwing in their faces has a responsibility to keep playing rock music and not some watered down paramore rejects…

Actually yes, that is what I’m saying.

It is appalling that Magic is heavier than Kerrang.

I saw wham on there a couple of weeks ago and let me tell you, George Michael looks a lot more metal next to Hey Monday and Flyleaf than he used to.

And just in case this gets into the tangent of Metro Station’s cover of ‘Last Christmas’, let me tell you that they were one of the worst culprits.

‘Shake it’ was a kick in the balls to good music and kerrang happily pulled down Miley Cyrus’ brother’s pants and gave him a good old reach around.


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