Should Megaupload Die?

Whether you are a fan of Megaupload’s service or not, in the wake of the FBI’s takedown of the website’s US-based initiative there is one big question hanging over this, one of which of course, I have an opinion.

Should this potential source of copyright infringement be allowed on the internet?

No guesses as to how the FBI would answer that question, seeing as the site’s been pulled from operations.

And I think the response from anonymous speaks for itself, even if anonyupload isn’t anywhere near as catchy a name I still would quite like to be greeted by a guy fawkes mask every time I use a website that isn’t specifically promoting V for Vendetta.

From what I’ve heard however, the point of their experiment is to see whether the FBI reacts the same way when a duplicate website is not based on US soil.

And I suppose we’ll see how that unfolds sometime in the future.

But really, the way the entertainment businesses as a whole are reacting to this issue is, for lack of a better term, overkill.

I mean, the way they project the money they’ve lost due to the service of sites such as megaupload seems to me at least to be extremely optimistic/pessimistic depending on which way you’re looking at this from, to put it bluntly, I highly doubt they would have made that much money without megaupload existing.

Do they really think that everyone who sits down to watch a movie or a TV show online would just as willingly have gone out and bought an overpriced DVD of a movie or a TV show that might not be any good? Do they really think that if people miss an episode of a show they sit there sadly and just make up the storyline for it in their head for the next episode?

Do they honestly believe that everything they make is so amazing that people are willing to pay from the diminishing sums of money in their wallets, for every little thing they air, just so that the overpaid individuals involved can get more money to throw from their ivory towers to finish their swimming pool of dollars that’s only so far halfway full?

And if this is about salary, how about paying the underpaid members of staff the amount that they deserve rather than giving an extra million dollar bonus to the actor, I’m sure that on occasion, the actors will be friends with the crew and won’t begrudge them enough money to pay their mortgage, even if it does mean they can’t wipe their arses on the faces of consumers more than once a week.


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