A Close Call

Next year, the course I’m on will be defunct, largely a product of the changes made to education in the UK, the courses that are deemed to give the university the least prosperity, respectability, or whatever the ility in question is will be axed, and apparently my course fits the glove very snugly.

It’s a rather scary thought that if I’d have delayed my education by another year I would have had to search far and wide to find a place in a university, perhaps I would have even had to retake my A levels.

As it happens I saved my education just in time, but even still it seems as if maybe I was all too naive about what was going to happen to the economy in that future, and how it was going to affect the education system I was sort of hoping I wouldn’t have to take.

But thankfully I realised eventually that you can’t wait for your band to hit the big time, the back up that people kept telling me I had to make became much more of a reality when that certain musical part of my life came to a close, and as such I was backed into the corner I had made myself.

Had I known what was going to happen I’d like to think I would have made more effort in my A levels, but truthfully I can probably say that I didn’t, I was in a completely different state of mind back then, one that completely lacked the scepticism needed to stay sane and rooted to reality when undergoing an endeavour that can make one feel so godly.


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