Royals + Psychics = A Persuasive Argument?

Now most of you have probably heard/remember me talking about the psychic Sally debacle here it the UK, an incident in which the ‘professional psychic’ was accused of merely receiving information from an earpiece to perform, rather than using a genuine psychic gift, or a vague method of probing information out of people. If you don’t know what cold reading is, look it up, not only is that pretty much what I’m referring to there, but it’s very interesting, at least for the people like me who revel in finding the answers to supposed ‘mysteries’.

Well, now psychic Sally is suing the daily mail over the story, and as much as I’d like the daily mail to go out of business they do have a point in this case, which, for anyone who knows what kind of content the daily mail usually craps out of its brown printing press, is very rare indeed.

And what I found interesting is the way that the psychic is introduced in this article about psychic Sally’s counterattack is that the article uses the fact that she was Princess Diana’s personal psychic as some sort of odd argument from authority.

Now, I was once under the impression that nobody really gave a rat’s arse about the royal family anymore, but I have since learned, mostly through working for barnardo’s for three months, that in fact some people still care about them and yet believe that we shouldn’t be helping people in Africa.

That’s the human brain for you, flawed in many cases.

But the fact that this is even at all relevant still makes me question what people really think about these issues. Are there some people opening up this article thinking, oh she’s obviously a fraud, and once they read that she once gave vague predictions to Princess Diana suddenly change their mind and scream; ‘my God, psychics must be real!’

Because if that is indeed the case, well…


2 responses to “Royals + Psychics = A Persuasive Argument?

  1. Hmm. The Daily Heil going bust or psychic Sally being totally discredited?

    I call that a win-win.

    Seriously, though, that her claims will actually be given serious consideration in a court is a sad reflection on how gullible people can be.

    (I really hate agreeing with the Mail; makes me want to stand in the shower til my skin dissolves.)

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