Why are shops still closed/closing early on Sundays?

I’m sure I’ve touched on this before but it does still baffle me how these pseudo-biblical laws of the market are still reinforced today, even the giant ASDA where I live closes at about 4pm on a Sunday. Surely it would get more business opening until ten on a Sunday than being open 24 hours on weeknights? I’ve been to ASDA at stupid O’clock before and there’s usually no-one else there, surely being open on a Sunday would be much better for business? So why is it that they’re open 24 hours in the week and closed on Sunday evening?

I think it would probably be assumptive for me to call this some sort of Abrahamic hangover, however, I fail to understand where this fits into the maximum profit exploitation scheme of companies as large and ruthless as Wal Mart, ASDA’s angry, American mother.


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