The student life is a questionable one, more in terms of finance than anything else seeing as I haven’t witnessed the whole orgy culture thing first hand. That might be a bit of an extreme term for it but to be honest with the way you hear some people talking, if what they’re spouting is to be believed it’s a 24 cock push-up session, and as we all know, you can only do one of those… one is all you need.

Enough with the obscure Tenacious D reference however, and onto my concern for the day, which is mainly about the price of student accommodation.

Even ruling out the huge blocks of very well-kept flats that charge x hundred pounds per week the remaining market for one of the poorest (by default) members of our society is surprisingly expensive when you know nothing about housing or marketing.

So I suppose my take on this may be a little redundant but I’ve never been afraid to give my two cents; you can’t buy anything with them anyway these days.

When you crunch the numbers on everywhere that’s not completely disgusting or housed in Stabville, Shootingham you can come to the conclusion pretty readily that this way of living is a complete rip off for people who, if they’re doing as much studying as they should be doing to get the best grade, don’t have a lot of time to be working in, especially if they want to maintain a vague sense of a social life, contact with their parents/partner, keep their writing hobby it would be really useful for them to get paid to do, hint hint, you know the drill.

If anything student halls should be a cheap affair, but they’re arguably the most expensive places of all, matching a large proportion of the market that deals with figures per year that add up to rather a lot more than a student loan actually allows you.

Now if that isn’t backwards I don’t know what is, it’s essentially an arse-faced system, a paradoxical dilemma which equates to someone shoving their head so far up their own backside it comes out of their mouth. Try and picture that in your heads and then tell me it wasn’t a good metaphor for the ridiculousness salesmen and women shove in your face to try and shift the properties that nobody else wanted.

Give me one place, just one, where it’s a good deal and I’ll drink my own piss but from where I’m standing the water looks pretty stagnated already.


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