The Ark In… Kentucky?

Now what I’d like to discuss today can be explained pretty simply in the following video, let me shove it in your face and then tell you where I stand on the issue, given that by the time you work out what this is about, you can be pretty certain where I stand on this issue, an issue pretty hot in America and Turkey, but not really a problem outside fundamentalist groups in the rest of the western world. Take a look.

Now, I always have a lot to say about where the money from military budgets etc. could be going to, mars missions for example, would arguably be a much better use of our time than murdering people in the other side of the world for issues that you could probably debate whether they hold any worth or not.

But there is really no question about this one, truly, to cut an education budget is a terrible thing in itself when the American education system is already presenting huge flaws, flaws that budgets should be given priority to fix, but to cut education and spend millions of dollars on a theme park that actively discourages intellectual thought in favour of promoting probably the least believable story in the Bible as truth.

I went to a Catholic school and never met anyone who thought that Noah’s ark was literally true, it’s pretty well-understood to be a metaphor of sorts throughout Christianity, or so I always like to think until I stumble across these stories and that little part of my brain that hopes that no-one’s really intellectually lazy enough to endorse this breaks in half and declares my lack of faith in humanity.

If anything, it would make sense to scrap this theme park idea and shift the gears, perhaps give more money to education if the state of Kentucky’s net intelligence is so low that this seems like a good idea, perhaps they should reconsider the middle finger they’re sticking up at the youths among them who have a right to learn and take a look at themselves and how selfish they’re being trying to preserve this stagnated myth of the ark when there are hundreds of great ideas that the children they are also in charge of educating cannot learn because of these new cutbacks.


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