Penis Advantage!

I try not to rip on spambots too much on here because I don’t want to get overly repetitive but seeing a list of 300 links, most of them proudly proclaiming the term ‘penis advantage’ one minute ago was almost a religious experience for me.

What kind of advantage could your penis get over other penises?

I have no idea because I didn’t click the link, although I always like to speculate.

Perhaps this website can offer you something other than the simple enlargement offer that’s honestly just going stale these days.

No, these days it’s all about stumpiness; size doesn’t matter, so make it tiny, then you can fit more things into your boxers where the space for your previously elongated member resides.

Perhaps you can use that space to store potatoes, onions, raffle tickets, ipods, or for smuggling endangered monkeys from third world countries.

Truly the possibilities are endless.

Or what you could do is make different ends to it, kind of like a real hose, you could have a nozzle, writing utilities, nets, any number of things could make your Johnson 100 % more useful!


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