A Stupid Experiment

Now, to demonstrate what mistakes us humans can make when we’re not paying attention, I’ve conducted a very rough and very silly experiment.

In this test I have typed out the theme tune from the original series of pokemon while holding my laptop far away from my hands and not paying much attention to precise typing.

This was the result, I hope you find this immature experiment just as enlightening as I did.

I want to be the verhy beszt, that no one ever wasd, to catch them is nmy real tyest, to train thej nins my cause

I will travel across the land, eserachign far and wide, teahc pokemon to undrestand the powerht at”s inside


gotta catch em all

it’s you and me, I know it’s my edsintoy!


Oh you’re my besrt fgriwend. in a weorld we must defend,


gotta catchem all, a heart so true our courage wil pu;ll ius thjoruhb,

tyou teach me and I teach you


gotra catvh em all, gottaz cathc nem all


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