More From The Future!

Continuing the theme of people trying to predict the future from the trends occurring in the present, we should probably hark back to the episodes of futurama that featured Amy’s ridiculously small mobile phone (cell phone if you’re from America or Mars), which, thankfully for those of us who lose things easily, is a trend that didn’t continue to its over the top comic conclusion.

There was a point where they started growing in size again, I seem to recall that Motorola phones had a big part in it, producing slicker looking phones that were more appealing than their shrinking counterparts.

But with the rise of the smart phone the size has to stay pretty constant (if the trend remains, I’ve done it again) if the features contained therein are to be allowed to continue.

Because nobody wants to browse the internet on a screen where you can only see three words at a time, no matter how many of these devices you can fit into your, by then probably rather spacious pocket.

Certainly the finglonger hasn’t been invented yet, and to be honest I’ve been waiting for it for years, but alas, I’m going to have to wait many an age before I can reach far away places with my finger alone.


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