I won’t drivel on for too long today because I’m feeling rather under the weather.

Now you may not think that feeling ill would prevent me from blathering on but apparently I can’t quite even stop myself from accidentally pressing the caps lock key on my laptop, and if that were to carry on for a good half an hour this would probably look like a very different kind of blog, one that would hopefully not go timecube-esque as I grapple with the urge to retreat to my bedchambers and sleep like Gordon Freeman in between Half-Life 1 and 2.

While going through this I must also grapple with the fact that if I want to do well in my education I should turn up to all lectures, therefore my nap window is slim and slimming the more I get distracted from writing the next sentence to this blog; if I did miss one, with the laboratory sessions anyway, I’d lose 10% of the total module mark, which is crazy, because not everyone’s going to be able to turn up to everything, people get sick, and while I’ve turned up to every lesson thus far there are people in my group who haven’t been able to for medical reasons, and they really need to push hard to not get their mark reduced.

And for what? Because they didn’t turn up to infect the other students? Because they’d rather throw up at home than in class?

Now, I know that might sound a little extreme but its a real example, and one that the system doesn’t really account for, in fact, the way around the situation is so convoluted that in the time you’ve taken to get back the ten percent you lost when you were ill you may have lost enough revision time that you’d lose ten percent in your exams.

In short, being ill sucks, especially for students.


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