Who To Blame?

While I remain ill, I remain persistent, and so I am still here, and I’m still ready to type up another transcript of blog for all of you, that’s right, all two of you who read these things, and though I’m struggling to suppress my headache from blasting through my head my fingers are still able to dance around the keyboard as well as they’ve ever done, although that apostrophe was surprisingly difficult to manage, obviously whatever microorganism is currently harvesting on my innards thinks that a semi-colon belongs in that particular conjunction.

I would tell it that it was wrong but it won’t listen to me, mostly because it doesn’t have ears, but even if it did there’s no brain there, not even a nucleus, unless it’s some kind of protozoan parasite, which I highly doubt.

What I find really interesting is my urge to try and place the blame for this under the weather-ness…

…Onto a woman who was sitting behind me on the bus the other day and coughing constantly the whole way down. And while it very well could have been that moment that passed on a bug, my mind is rather determined to stick the entirety of the blame on this incident, when it could have been in any number of places, even if a tin full of people trading viruses like a bus is practically an infection waiting to happen.

There really is no way to switch of the scapegoat seeking nature of the blame game however, and no matter how hard you try it’s always so much easier to stick all of the negative connotations of a situation in one person’s direction, when if you think about things logically, it really doesn’t make sense to make such a sweeping assumption, especially lacking the knowledge of even what that person you suspect coughed a pathogen down your airway looked like.


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