Mystery Of 12 Tickers

So how do 12 girls from the same school come down with ‘tourettes-like symptoms’?

Take a look at this and make of it what you will, but there are a couple of interesting things that might be contributing to this, starting of course with the most cynical example just to get it out of the way.

It’s entirely possible that some of the people involved are faking their symptoms, it may not be that way and if all of the girls involved were shown in the video it might have been more clear but it is a possibility, it would certainly seem however, that in the least, the girl sitting on the right in the video was probably not faking, and I would have to question the morals of someone who would fake such an illness but just to put that possibility out there firstly…

The psychiatrist on the show claimed that they appeared to be psychosomatic ticks, and although the girl on the show claimed to have not been under stress, its again possible that they are not quite remembering the event as it was, misinterpreting what their doctor told them, or that its something entirely different.

What seems to be the meme throughout this video is that the girls want answers, and yet there have been a couple offered to them, they might not be very optimistic answers in regards to their future, at least in the short term, but they do go some way to answering the question.

As for the numbers? It would seem that it could well be a coincidence, although without seeing the remaining girls it’s hard to tell whether the media were hyping this up, and whether the other girls were, and I really do hesitate to put this out there because I have much more faith in humanity than this, jumping on the bandwagon, perhaps not understanding the severe implications of such symptoms.

Also, in regards to the end of the video, can someone get better from these episodes?

What’s your take on all of this?


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