Here it is, the post with the most, blog entry number four hundred and something… probably… I haven’t really been counting since two hundred came around for all I know I could have contributed half of the internet’s data by now, but the fact still remains, that I’m writing it.

Just for a second, do me a favour and google search ‘Lady Gaga Illuminati’ if you haven’t read it before, because it is a laugh riot, once you start seeing all seeing eyes everywhere it starts to become a little bit ironic no?

Because yes the new world order conspiracy theory will never die and while it lives we might as well poke a little fun at the insistence of ‘vigilant citizen’ that the illuminati act like villains in saturday morning cartoons, always blurting out their evil plan to the hero, and yet it still remains top secret? Please.

Or you could just take a look at old Baphomet here and read his name a couple of times, for some reason that gave me a lot of amusement, but I was reading it in a terrible Indian accent despite the fact that most people in India are probably about as ignorant about Baphomet as I.

The name alone makes me happy, I can imagine the goat-headed, man-boobed demon in Jackie Chan Adventures, and in fact, I’m not quite sure whether he wasn’t in there, he could have been one of the characters they brought in after series one…


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