I just wrote a little short story/poem for this blog but my phone decided that it wasn’t going to let me post it, so it blew up the box I was typing into so there was no option other than to type, so I lost that, and with it about ten minutes work, which doesn’t sound too bad, and it isn’t. but I’d much rather it was still in existence. Surely this problem could be very easily solved by having copy and paste options on the phone? It would have solved my problem, and to be honest, it makes things so much simpler I’m surprised there aren’t copy and paste buttons next to the call and disconnect buttons, so vital are they for use in pretty much anything involving computers and words, such as this, where would I get inappropriate images from if not for the use of copy and paste?

In fact I’d go as far as to say we should work on getting some real life equivalent into this world, hack reality and make everything so much easier, and I’m not counting using actual paste etc.

Because that’s just too much effort.

Also it’s sticky.


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