This Time Last Year

I think last year I wrote two to three valentine’s day themed posts, but this year is different, this year I completely forgot about last year’s exploits and in fact it didn’t even strike my mind that I’ve been doing a blog a day for over a year now, something that I’m both very proud of and also a little shocked by. I believe I have yet to miss a day between these so special thanks to me for writing them I suppose, and also the internet for providing me with a place to blather on continuously to those who are patient enough to listen, or read, whatever.

In fact this time last year I was just finishing my first book, which is rather scary, especially seeing as it hasn’t been picked up in that year, perhaps it is time to leave it a while and send out my new one when it’s done, which might be a long way off.

I could also post it in little sections on here, and I’m wondering whether that would be worth it, after all, it’d probably be a hard thing to keep track of and lacking attention from a professional editor I’m still not quite sure whether it meets the internet’s high standards.

And then there’s also the case of the two unfinished stories I’ve left to stagnate, they didn’t seem to be going anywhere after a while and I certainly wasn’t as pumped writing about them as I am with this new one. We’ll just see how it goes, and if the new one actually gets to a literary agent and means that I can fund my master’s degree, pending me hopefully doing well in the next two years of my bachelor’s degree, then all the better.


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