Save The Bachelors!

So with all the coursework and the birthdays and the other stuff around me, despite me both having had plans for valentine’s day and knowing that it was coming up I didn’t bring myself to blog about it, if you don’t count yesterday’s post in which it was mentioned in passing without any real significance apart from the fact that I could point out, ‘hey guys, this day is happening!’ And it take up about one hundred words of space because apparently that’s how many words it takes for me to get even the simplest of points across these days.

See? Exactly one hundred.

Once every year though, there are hundreds, thousands, maybe millions of single people crying into their pillows and demanding that God stop hating them so him-damned much.

There are people out there who will have to go through a whole tub of Ben & Jerry’s on their own just to get over this, and we think this is okay?

Well this ends now.

For just £2 a month you can sponsor a single person and get them the help they need to pay for an operation to fix their broken hearts.

Don’t leave them forever alone, call today on 0800-OH-GOD-WHY or email us at

It’s a worthy cause and you know it.

Help out your local bachelors today.


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