What Would It Mean For Britain To Be Unashamed?

So thinking back to the recent news story about how Britain should be ‘unashamed of its Christianity’ and the resulting chaos that followed as millions of people took to their computers to once again argue about whether there is or isn’t a God, whether Richard Dawkins is a dick or not and whether all deaths in communist regimes can be blamed on atheism or not, I’ve been trying not to comment a whole lot given that last time I criticized Dawkins I had to defend myself in a 400 word edit to try and re-establish my position.

But whether Dawkins gives non-believers a bad name is irrelevant to the original news story, and I think, probably detracts from it (and from that alone you can probably gather that I think the way that he comes across to religious people needs a lot of work, speaking as my past self) and that’s a real shame because it’s of great concern to us how this whole ‘Christian nation’ term is bandied about.

What does a Christian nation do? How would branding Britain as a Christian nation affect us?

Should we be abiding by the laws of the New Testament?

If so, how do we decide which ones to uphold?

Do we cherry pick until we find the values we like and dump the rest?

Because if so how is that being Christian?

We could just as easily make moral choices without checking whether they’re in the Bible first, certainly many of the acts forbidden in the Bible are inherent to anyone with an ounce of empathy, and the ones that aren’t? Well, they would probably end up being the laws that are cherry picked out, which would mean that essentially we are taking no inspiration from Christianity.

Does it mean that Christians should get special privileges? We already have faith-based schools, religious organisations are already tax-exempt and the only building more common than a church is a pub.

It’s a non-statement, I think is the bottom line.

Christianity is not a black and white term, there are many different levels of religiosity therein, from the westboro baptist church to a guy who doesn’t think much about it except that there might be something to that whole Jesus thing.

And when you try and say that you’re doing something in the interests of Christians? Just exactly who are the Christians you are attempting to please here? Are they the majority of the population? Does everyone with the beliefs you’re reinforcing agree with what you’re doing?

I tell you, if the next general election looks like the republican candidates did this year I’m packing up my bags and moving to Somalia.


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