Is Black & White Black & White?

In accordance with the discussion I was having yesterday with you all, a discussion which was obviously horrifically one-sided, it’s important to realise that a strict definition for anything is difficult to come by. The universe does not work in black and white, there is a scale between most things we know and probably most things we don’t, and in fact, the whole black and white metaphor is a false dichotomy in itself, failing to take into account the various levels of brightness and darkness we encounter on a daily basis.

Or maybe I’m just thinking about that phrase a little too hard, as fun to analyse as it is for the irony in using such a term to describe a dichotomy.

In this way we don’t even have the luxury of saying that people do or do not believe in God, and although many people apparently take issue with me disagreeing with this, there are people on the in between, and I have been one of them. The word agnostic is often described to mean several sets of beliefs that are not purely set on what they believe the truth about the existence of a deity is, but it follows that there are indeed people who genuinely have no swing one way or the other.

It’s not that they don’t care about the question, although there are many people who take that position, but when there are arguments for both that seem equally valid in your head it makes sense that no particular side gains more merit.

And even if we take non-believers as a group there is a scale therein. There are many superstitions that are held by people who are otherwise purely rational, and even (in the case of denialists) positions that they hold very passionately despite the lack of basis in fact.

Main point – next time you think a trait is absolutely one way or the other, try to think a little deeper and see if that makes the most sense.


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