Who Should Be Turned Away?

Welcome back to the hub of the man who doesn’t understand what messenger connect is and doesn’t want to know.

Despite this however, there are some things I do want to know that aren’t related to messenger connect and one of them is whether you think turning away unvaccinated patients is a bad thing.

I completely understand the concern, a doctor has an obligation to protect the health of his/her patients and by exposing them to unvaccinated members of the population that’s a risk of sorts, and one that could cause serious harm if the aforementioned unvaccinated individual is carrying a disease.

But how far does the Hippocratic oath go? Can it take precedence over the right of individuals to receive basic healthcare?

Should they have to seek other doctors or should they be required by law to take the vaccines they’re missing.

I’m sure there are many people who would have a lot of complaining to do if the latter became universal, but despite what many media rabble-rousers would like the public to believe in a paranoid mess of uncertainty, being vaccinated against deadly diseases is in the public’s best interest.

Even if vaccines did cause the neurological diseases that some frankly, ignorant media figureheads falsely accuse them of, surely being autistic would be better than being dead?

Surely there’s no question?

But back to the matter at hand, if people are refusing to be vaccinated, are doctors obligated to make sure they don’t put the rest of their patients in danger?

I’m not quite sure yet where I’m falling in this question, if I had any sort of faith in humanity I might be saying a definite yes, but the lack of trust in life-saving technologies in some people is well and truly astounding.


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