Paranoia Jones

Just to follow up on the little Alex Jones request from yesterday, if you thought yesterday’s video was bad, there’s a nice alternative I found floating around the internet that you may find, if not interesting for its idiocy and paranoia, at least fascinating in a sadistic fashion as the radio host reveals in even more depth just how many of his marbles he has lost over the years.

So what can we learn from this video?

Well, apparently the US government is trying to turn their citizens gay by ordering juice cartons to be lined with thin metallic films, putting MSG and fluoride in foodstuffs and that we are all blind to the truth, even Alex Jones, who apparently is disgusted with himself for eating Kettle Chips.

Shame on you Mr. Jones, with your potato snacks, next thing you know, you’ll be bombing local churches and burning flags in the name of the new world order.

Seriously though, how cynical do you have to be that you think everything around you is designed to harm you in one shade or another, whether it’s vaccines, food, drink, government, toothpaste, healthcare or babestation’s ten minute preview, surely there must come a point where you stop and think… perhaps I’m over thinking this? Perhaps, there is another explanation for why these things exist rather than for purposes of a worldwide government controlling our minds.

And then when you think about it, it would seem that with Alex Jones’ fan base and large media outlet that he would be the perfect person to spread government propaganda and lies.

Think about it Mr. Jones, if we use your methods of reasoning it leads to the obvious answer that you, yes you Mr. Jones, are a member of the illuminati.


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