Now to try and ignore my headache and get on with my life.

Today, as some of you may know, and most of you will not know is my 3 year anniversary with my girlfriend, and as some of you should know, census data and other such places considers you single unless you are married.

I just got thinking about this because in the eyes of a lot of people this would not count as an anniversary, anniversaries, they would argue, are supposed to start being counted after you get married, no matter what that says about how long people who never marry have been together.

Can people who have been together for 25 years and have never married celebrate a silver anniversary or do they have to have signed some government/church-sanctioned certificate saying that they pinky promise to stay with each other forever and then are no longer single until half of them end in divorce while many of the couples that never marry remain together and yet are still considered singles.

Am I making sense to you right now? Because I was told yesterday that my writing needs work, so if I could hone down exactly where I’m pissing literary agencies off that would be a big help.

Anyway, celebrating a year after marriage I suppose is quite a nice thing but if you’ve been together for years and years before that how do you reconcile that?

Do you only celebrate the year since your marriage?

Do you celebrate that and all the years you have been together in total?

Because being together for a long time is quite the achievement, whether you’ve entered a registry office or not, and in modern times where the church does not have one hundred percent authority over our lives we should be able to decide how important our relationships are without God giving you the proverbial thumbs up.

That’s not to say I don’t like the idea of making the statement and the implications that go along with that statement, it just seems that perhaps some aspects of one of our most treasured of institutions is a little too archaic for the more fluctuating scales of our modern era.

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