A Bottomless Cesspit

Yes, it is me, out of the darkness of the outside world and into the light of my bedroom as the sun threatens to set…

Wait, let me start over.

Yes folks, it’s that time of day where I sit in front of my laptop (which is rarely on my lap during these, my apologies to hp but I prefer it when my computer doesn’t overheat and destroy three months’ work) and try to say something informative, stupid or unrelated to just about anything that could match with those first two criteria.

Can I use the word criteria like that?

I’ll leave it there and see if it catches fire I suppose.

Apologies if I’m not particularly engaging today as I spent the last few hours reading and answering questions about how frog hearts work outside of the frog’s body, and thus my entire brain has turned into an endless cesspit of amphibious organs, neurotransmitters and sliced open epithelial tissue.

I took a quick skim of a couple of stories I could go over today…

Pyramid power, or lack thereof…

why there are so many music videos with women in cages…

why watching a video of a young Nicki Minaj made me once again realise how little music industry executives seem to understand the concept of human dignity…

why so much blue tack has now stuck to my H key that I’m struggling not to make the rest of this blog an endless sea of constanants hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…

But then I realised that the blue tack actually wasn’t coming off and that I should shut down the computer so I don’t accidentally trigger selfdestruct.exe


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