Women In Cages

Now, to expand on the half a sentence I wrote yesterday, what does the picture of women dancing in cages say about our society? Certainly in Sugababes’ awful hit ‘Get Sexy’ it seems to imply a certain something that’s rather sad. For a group that previously encouraged their listeners to understand that beauty comes from character, to a group that’s telling its listeners that men find them sexy when they pay the ridiculous entry fees to get sweaty near them in a night club, solidifying that lack of artistic freedom (along with the loss of all of their original members) within a cage made by music industry executives to essentially prostitute them for mountains of money that the music from that point on surely did not deserve. At least, that’s how I would have thought through designing such a video if I was directing it.

A video that I’m apparently forbidden from embedding, for a song that Bruno Mars apparently wrote. Congratulations Mr. Mars, I’d catch a grenade for the chance to hang my head in such shame.

I am trying however, not to get into the question of talent, or I might as well bring up the 8 writers that it took to write Justin Bieber’s ‘Baby’ is shocking in the context that it only took one Freddie Mercury to write ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’, but then we get to our next contender.

That friends, is Nicki Minaj before the descent of her dignity.

See if you can spot the difference and tell me if I must say more.

Because I can’t bring myself to today.


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