A Sleeper Myth

So, some of you may have read this BBC article about the myth of the 8 hour sleep, and personally I really enjoy hearing about how these hard-set cultural ‘facts’ really are more of a social construct than a rule of thumb for life, and I suppose people who take regular naps would probably attest to the fact that they’re just as healthy as you or I, depending on whether ill health factors are the reason they’re napping so much.

If you haven’t taken a look at it however, I’d recommend the article, it’s pretty interesting and it’s here.

It’s an interesting notion as well, as mentioned in the article, that the growing use of street lights was a major factor in taking us from a world of segmented sleep to one of a single block (sorry to all those taking part in siestas for not including you in this sentence, personally I think you have the right idea and I’m pretty sure I’ve gone into that before hand), and knowing that I have in the last couple of months got into uni in the dark and left in the dark it’s interesting to think that, was that a couple of hundred years ago, that scenario could have been entirely different and I’d have had more time to do my equivalent of typing, which would, appropriately enough, probably just be writing, had I been lucky enough to learn how to read in this hypothetical scenario.

But in a world where we’re obsessed with productivity, when we’re not playing elder scrolls games or going on dates, we want to make the most of our waking time as much as possible, and I believe, at least superficially, that if given the choice of being able to stay awake all night without health consequences, I would probably take that opportunity and write books as fast as Stephen King manages it.

Then, by probability alone, with I suppose a slight kick up the backside from the increased experience, I could go on to be published a little quicker.


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