While it rains too much for me to fancy getting some exercise today let me regale you with an inadequate explanation of something that will probably end up being an insult to the word regale and the concept of humour/interest in general. Also an insult to the use of forward slashes to get a point across. Also an insult to opening paragraphs that take up a third of the blog and have very little to do with the subject I shall be dipping my toes in today.

I’ve been reading Stephen King’s brilliant novel ‘The Stand’ recently, and while I’ve only gotten through the first four hundred and something pages of this incredibly long masterwork it, as good books should, made me think about a couple of things.

First of all I found myself wishing I wasn’t sat next to the terminally coughing person on the bus when it happens, and that occurrence seems to be increasing by my biased stance of having not looked out for it before and therefore there was probably no increase at all…

Sorry I ran out of virtual breath, let me start over.

What would we do in a pandemic?

If the swine flu/bird flu had taken off like we were warned they could would we be in a black death situation? How many countries would close their borders? How many cities would close their borders?

I want to express some skepticism in the military containment idea that makes a great impact at the beginning of King’s book, but purely it would seem, from trying to think positively about what humanity would do, for, if one gives it some thought, military guard would be a real possibility, and that thought, to me at least, is a little scary.

Although not as scary as a disease that could potentially cause death on a global scale I admit.

How do you reckon we would react to this scenario?

Are you optimistic or pessimistic about how the world governments would react to an outbreak?


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