Comic From A Hypocrite

Knowing that our old friend Mike Adams has taken a great stride towards the world of intense irony by soliciting a post on his runt of a child website ‘natural news’ about how to not get scammed (if you didn’t get a giggle from that investigate the website yourself and note the supplement store and the non-profit status sitting pretty close to each other) inspired me to go back to his website and find something to show just how overblown the message he’s sending to his, unfortunately, hundreds of readers, is. And unfortunately Mr. Adams does this in the name of thinking for himself, which again, should really mean I should not be surprised by his latest foray into hypocrisy.

But this man and his website is/are an amalgamation of different shades of hyperbole mixed up in a broth of paranoia and misinformation. All the more reason why I should stick this cartoon from his website on here to show you people who haven’t heard of this man, and even those who have and get some kind of kick out of watching crazy people blindly spread their crazy over the internet thinking they’re spreading the truth.

Because truly, going against vaccines, conventional medicine in general, and trying to tell people that if they just did lots of exercise and ate raw foods they would be free from all disease, is a move for the forces of good.

Watch and facepalm ladies and gentlemen, at the gross misunderstanding of how genetic modification both works and would be applied.

And if you think that cartoon’s an exaggeration of his beliefs, you should read the articles, they truly are something to behold, or at least flush down the latrine.


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