Tissue Coats!

So today I forgot my lab coat.

You wouldn’t think that would be a problem but you need them to go into a lab or the lecturers are obliged to chuck you out. It didn’t matter that there was nothing dangerous in the whole class or that because of my shaky hands I didn’t do much pipetting, nope, those’re the rules and you have to follow them.

Fair enough.

So you can get these replacement lab coats which cost you two pounds to take but are evidently worth about 10p each, but it’s not the rip off that these emergency replacements are that annoys me.

No, these lab coats are tissue thin, so much that you can see your clothes underneath through them.

So how is that going to protect you from whatever you’re supposed to be wearing your regular thick lab coat for?

Would the same, if not more protection be given from your regular clothing than from wearing what is essentially a giant piece of kitchen roll.

That, along with the fact that I haven’t shaved in about a week made me look rather homeless today but that doesn’t matter. Until I can grow a full on Jackbeard I can get as scruffy as possibly and still be able to walk around unembarrassed.

Although I’m getting the sense that this is probably not a good thing, perhaps I should work on my perception of self-image a little more.

Anyway, I spilled nothing and spent most of the lab waiting around but despite the shortcomings of the ridiculous lab coat replacement system I actually had a pretty good day.

You weren’t expecting the rant to end like that were you?


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