Gay Lizards In Government!

So, trying not to mention David Icke (God damn it I lost the game already) I’ve been wondering what it would possibly take to convince someone that the world was being run by reptilian humanoids in Barack Obama and Jay-Z costumes. It seems crazy on its face but the fact that people do believe in this stuff, like the aforementioned David, would suggest there is a pathway towards then sort of very narrow belief, if only for a few of our kind.

For example, apparently this picture proves that Beyoncé is reptilian.

And by narrow belief I refer to the fact that it sees many of the evils of the world as one, driving force, a dark entity behind the corruption of the world, which, in a wider sense, opens up and shows us that indeed there are many different corrupt organisations, there are dicks in every social circle and tribe, even you good sir/madam, could be one of those dicks to someone you know.

Yes, even I.

But I got to thinking that were I less invested in the power of science as a method and what becomes of our thinking when we apply it to as much of the world as we can without going completely Vulcan, if Rick Santorum wins the republican debate and goes against Barack Obama, I would consider that a one-party voting system, like FIFA’s obviously democratic system.

Although, there is that other part of me that knows there are people who would vote for the man who said ‘if more people thought about gay sex as much as I did they would realise how disgusting it is’, and that shudders every time it has to think that there are people in this world who would applaud that.

Mr. Icke, I will give this one to you, if there is anyone in this world who is a lizard in disguise, it would probably be Rick Santorum.


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