An Excuse

Well I appear to not adjust well to other peoples’ keyboards, especially those that have number pads on the side and squash the keys together to compensate, although by the end of this sentence I appear to be doing a pretty good job of pretending I know where the keys are, and without looking too, what do you know, I’ve regained my typing powers.

Now, I suppose, to business, because it’s that time of day again. That’s right, I just woke up and had to squint a couple of times to prove that it was indeed that time, and I wasn’t just experiencing some kind of Birmingham-induced hallucinations. The first case in history of those such symptoms in fact!

All right then, I promised a rant, and there is one brewing, in fact I had half of one ready yesterday before the wordpress phone app left me standing in the rain, but I would suspect I would do a better job of this tomorrow, mostly because at the moment I’m feeling a little too jovial/light headed to really convey how angry the quantum abuser really makes me, in fact I’d probably try and turn it into some sort of failure of a humorous aside.

Anyway, to make up for this lack of whatever I expected to be able to do today, yesterday…

Or should that be…

Ah, forget it.


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