Big Seas Of C & The Big C, See?

So, to continue my ramblings, Gregg Braden is one of those growing number of public figures who is insistent that the whole universe is one big sea of consciousness, based on nothing but speculation and misunderstanding quantum mechanics to the point where you can stick any concept into his misinterpretation of the theory and it still fits. Because he doesn’t understand it.

Now, I have a little bit of a sweet spot for this kind of crazy because before my interest in science resurged from inside of me like some sort of nerdy phoenix wearing a lab coat and safety goggles, I came across a video of some ‘scientists’ talking about this sea of consciousness idea, and without a skeptical outlook and some background knowledge in cosmology I can understand how so many people get pulled in by this stuff, because the way it is presented in many cases, is as a mock up of a real scientific documentary, with people posing as scientists and claiming that their idea is becoming increasingly accepted etc.

However, when you think about what it would have to take for this idea to work, there are a lot of hurdles in the way. How would this consciousness signal thing get through the brain shield that is the human skull? When people have strokes or experience another kind of brain damage, why is personality altered? Why would their extraterrestrial signal suddenly change into a different flavour of signal because they lost some blood to their brains?

But as well as this faux-theory of everything that Gregg Braden and is counterparts push, there is a much more dangerous message he sends which I can’t bring myself to justify in my head.

To me, once you start telling people to give up on their cancer treatments and use their secret cures, you either have zero empathy or the way you think has been really screwed up, whether that’s through other people with this shriveled empathy convincing you, delusions, either through yourself or through the people who convinced you, there’s no way that any good could come from telling people to abandon their cancer treatments, treatments designed to stunt the growth of tumors, and telling them to come and experience a method of zero efficacy, causing their tumors to grow at their previous speeds again and the human subjects to believe that they are gone, because some con artist with a bulging wallet and a heart of coal has told them that their cancer is no more.

You can say what you like about peoples’ rights to seek placebo medicine, but with cancer surely there’s a line where everyone can agree this abuse of patients in unacceptable?


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