Singh When You’re Winning

I’ve commented on the Sally Morgan incidents before, and I believe I linked to Simon Singh (along with the merseyside skeptics)’s challenge to her, one that she, unsurprisingly declined. As a stage psychic her reputation needs the mysticism that would be stripped from her if a certain question was answered, the simple one of: are your powers genuine?

Real life, unfortunately, is not like the X-men, and as much as we would like to have superpowers, nobody has been proven to. Accusations of witchcraft were built on neighbours’ anecdotes, spoons were bent while those observing the demonstration were distracted, the elephant was hidden by mirrors, Derren Brown used a split screen and from what we can tell so far, Sally Morgan plays a game, whether she knows it herself or not, she plays a game with her audience that leads her to conclusions based on a mixture of informed guesses, acquired information and trial and error.

Again, whether she thinks this herself is a different story, and for all I know she could be a genuine Charles Xavier, but I doubt it, just as I doubt that Charlie Sheen is clever enough to figure out the big secret behind 9/11, just as I doubt that the house of commons should be filled with millionaires who all went to Eton and then Oxbridge.

Take a look at Singh’s most recent article for the Guardian, one that points to what could be some interesting light shed on the question of Sally Morgan’s authenticity.

And then we can start asking ourselves why MI-6 isn’t hiring her to be some sort of real-life oracle, and why so many magicians can do just as good a job as her as being a psychic while using tricks that they admit to.


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