This Week In Life:

Hey guys.

So this week is proving to be a rather interesting one, besides my ongoing efforts to get up and get down with the sickness, it doesn’t seem as if I’m getting any better, add to that 3 lab sessions this week, the 4 pieces of coursework to do and the 1 exam to revise for and you’d think I’d be knuckling down until I weep into my pillow from the sheer amount of work I’m doing.

But I’m not, although I shall make a promise to myself that I will get a chunk of some of that done.

In fact, I attended my first Skeptics In The Pub this week, and rather enjoyed myself. Bearing in mind that the Nottingham version’s pretty small compared to the massive reported attendance in Birmingham and London but it’s nice to see its presence in this city.

When telling people about this event I actually found it quite hard to describe, achieving the outcome I expected of receiving the same response each time: ‘what did you do there? Sit around and be sceptical?’

They had a good point, but I’m sure I’ll have a better answer than ‘essentially yes’ after the next couple of talks, and hopefully then I’ll be able to talk about it in detail without feeling like I don’t really know enough to try and explain it.

Which is one of the reasons why I don’t often talk politics with people other than the fact that it will inevitably alienate half your friends.

Although I have seen a couple of people just as baffled when I’ve tried to explain quantum mechanics and largely that’s the same problem, but at least then opinion doesn’t really come into it.


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