That’s Gay!

Right now I’m trying to get a handle on the whole ‘gay marriage’ thing being something even close to controversy.

When civil partnerships in the UK represent pretty much everything about marriage except for the name, is it not ridiculous to hold back the rights of gay people to declare themselves married? Aren’t they already basically married anyway?

The argument from conservative back benchers and the church that it damages the idea of the nuclear family (or something to that effect) does not seem to me to hold any sort of water.

You want a family where a man and woman are together? Fine, go and find a partner and do that; but who are any of us to tell other people how they can or cannot feel about one another?

Marriage should not be about reinforcing the cultural meme of the nuclear family, it’s about two people declaring their commitment to each other and whether you’re gay, straight, bisexual or in love with the Berlin wall there’s no good reason why you would be forbidden from declaring that commitment if the other party agrees.

Apologies to the Berlin wall but without the ability to talk you remain both broken into millions of pieces and single, sorry about that.

This situation is made doubly stupid by the laws that are already in place.

In places where gays are essentially not given the right to anything like a marriage I can understand how this would be a big move, but in the UK the only step we’re missing right now is actually calling the bloody thing marriage.

That’s a small step, and by the way, not one you should give David Cameron credit for when the time to vote comes around once again.


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