A Cesspit of Misinformation: A Commenter’s Tale

I have returned to the internet to answer the call given to me by a commenter on one of my initial burst into skepticism on this here blog. I suppose you might not have called it that in the format I wrote it in back then, a long three post rant about why Mike Adams is wrong and how much I wanted his website to be burned from the internet so we could all pretend that natural news never existed in the first place.

The commenter demanded that I ‘do my own research’, presumably about vaccines, which I have indeed done research on as far as a student can when its a large part of their course both at A2 and for their first essay of their degree.

Based on his shoddy analysis on the state of my studying he concluded that I ‘obviously believe everything the government tells [me].’

And concluded with a simple ‘poor you’.

Well, Mr. Commenter type person, when people assume that I obviously believe everything the government tells me I feel like I must bring up the comment, as I do when I find one that’s particularly amusing, and stare at it for a while until I laugh myself into a stupor.

For one thing I don’t think that it’s the right thing to do for students to have to pay 9000 pounds a year to study, despite what the government would like me to think, I don’t think Britain is a Christian nation, as I have gone over in great deal, and from what I can tell the NHS reform ideas are terrible.

I also don’t wish the government to take military action anywhere it’s currently stationed, as much as that may offend some people reading, and believe that the billions of pounds given to trident every year would be much better off going towards something that’s actually productive for the nation and not nuclear warheads.

so, now that we’ve cleared up that I don’t believe everything the government tells me, let’s get to the part where I should do my own research.

If you do a simple search for ‘vaccines smallpox’ you get a lovely run of tales of the success story of the smallpox vaccine for one, something that the commenter obviously hasn’t done the research on.

And if I really have to explain to this commenter how much shit comes out of Mike Adams’ mouth then my words are truly lost on this person.

Let’s take a look at the first page of natural news and just see how long it takes to find a completely impossible headline.

Oh, here we go: ‘just a few minutes of daily exercise alters DNA to help prevent chronic disease’.

Yes, you heard right, according to this man’s precious website, exercise alters DNA.

Where the hell would anyone get an idea like that from?

This isn’t Lamarckian evolution and even if it were that would not help without passing on a generation, so how the hell is there even a mechanism for such a thing.

And yet it’s right there.

Obviously Mike Adams should do his own research.

Excuse me, I mean, some real research.

And don’t get me started on the article next to it about Andrew Wakefield.

My God, I can’t believe how misinformed this man is, and how sad it is that his commenters seem to be lapping it up.

Let me turn this around.

Don’t listen to everything Mike Adams tells you.

In fact, I would go so far as to listen to nothing he tells you, because his website is a cesspit of bullshit floating in a sea of self-righteousness.

Go shove that up your pipe and smoke it.


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