Good News/Bad News: Badass Bears & Empty Wallets For Drivers

Hello again, welcome to last week’s edition of Good News/Bad News in which a day late I take a look at a story with a positive outlook for mankind, myself, yourself or the world and another story that makes me raise an eyebrow, froth at the mouth or puke on the carpet. But don’t worry, I’ll bring the mood back up with something heartwarming plucked from the very epitome of youtube finesse to avoid leaving you with that washed out feeling.

Please note that if you are offended by my stance on certain news stories, that I don’t care!

Alright, first up we’ve got some good news in the form of sleepy, sleepy bears.

Down in Minnesota, Wyoming, or should I say across to the left for a thousand miles, zoologists and medical researchers have observed the remarkable ability of hibernating bears to heal.

Now, before you try to cut yourself and send me a time lapse video of it healing back to try and prove a point, these bears are scary good at healing wounds according to this BBC article, and have even grown back new hair follicles and retained little scarring in their yearly nap they take.

One Professor David Garshelis was quoted as implying that if we can understand how bears heal this way we could potentially translate this into research for human regeneration.

Very interesting.

Now, for something that’s not so great. Here’s the bad news.

For people living in Britain, trying to avoid ‘falling behind our competitors’ may mean more tolled roads, resulting from a plan to privatise certain British roads despite warnings that more tolls may not make much of a dent in congestion.

So while we spend billions on military projects David Cameron is scratching his head wondering where the money is going, in response, instead of cutting operations to interfere overseas he’s decided to do something else that many voters disagree with and give more opportunities to milk their wallets while out on the road.

Well done David, for that wonderful plan, although I’d much rather it was the roads than the NHS.

Read the story here, complain in the comments section and if I’m actually wrong about something feel free to comment to, just not in as threatening a manner as the complainers.


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