Uganda Be Kidding Me?

So, I don’t suppose anyone wants to give me a couple of thousand pounds so I can go to Vegas this summer do they? Didn’t think so. Heck, it was worth a try anyway.

As you might expect from someone as obnoxious and pessimistic as myself I’m pushing to try and make record time on my heap of assignments by getting another huge piece done this week so if this week in blogging sucks in general I advise you to stay patient, it will get better and I will actually make good use of your time on the intertubes.

Some of you might actually be surprised that I avoided talking about the whole ‘Kony 2012’ fiasco that blew its load all over my facebook a couple of weeks ago. The simple answer was that when I first took a look at it I hadn’t really heard enough about it to be able to justify talking about it as if I knew what was going on.

Now the information’s all sort of out, it’s clear that there are enough issues (what with support of a corrupt government, a fundamentalist backdrop, the lack of funding going to the project they’re actually describing, the propagandist style of the movie, Kony’s inactivity, the fact that there are many of these situations going on around Africa and that the man behind the movie recently ran around San Diego with his Johnson out because of his apparent ‘stress’) to lead me to the opinion that I don’t support this movie.

Which was the assumption I kind of fell into from the start just from the suggestion that if the figurehead is arrested the entire operation will fall.

I believe that to be a dramatic oversimplification of the circumstances and frankly, an insult to the huge problem of child soldiers in Africa.

Let me explain why I have such a problem with this notion tomorrow.


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