Oversimplification Is Fallacious

So as I was saying I think a lot of the Kony 2012 thing was an oversimplification, which is something I see in many fields, not just for efforts to take down retired military douchebags, but with a variety of other topics that people assume are much simpler than they are, whether they are employing a single cause fallacy or just assuming that they hold some sort of magic truth, it’s truly amazing to me how quick people are to assume that problems in the world are so far simpler than they are to the point of acting as if it’s obvious, and furthermore, acting as if the world around them is stupid for not thinking about it first.

I’m not saying that it’s arrogance, but in some cases that certainly plays a role.

There are some arguments that people make to ‘take down religion’ that fall into this category and I really do try hard not to face palm upon reading them, because to me it shows an oversimplification of very difficult issues to the point of being insulting to all parties involved.

And by that I mean the ‘without religion there would be no war’ argument, which is put slightly more recently by replacing the word no with significantly less.

But this is, as far as I can tell, ignorance in its purest form.

Could we honestly say that if the whole world lacked belief in a God that we wouldn’t find other reasons to kill each other? How about for resources? How about political tensions?

Human beings throughout history have demonstrated an amazing capability to find reasons to destroy each other and an even better one at finding new ways to destroy each other more efficiently.

I’m very close to slipping into talking about the straw man arguments put forth by the same people but that would be slipping off topic, and I fear I’ve come across as rather inflammatory anyway.

Perhaps another time.


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