Turn out the lights

I return once again to the land of mobile blogging, so for that reason if no other forgive the lapse in presentation this simple fact will no doubt result in.

And as the last pieces of the universe diverge,

The fires of eternity shaking their heads in denial at the upcoming eternity of finality,

Hounds of hell whimpering at their lack of a feast,

Falling molecules to atoms,

Atoms to hadrons,

Ashes to ashes,

Turn to dust,

Fade to black,

The lights wink out one by one in the sleepy corridors of our fair universe,

There is no last hurrah,

But all the hurrahs that were worth a damn have come and gone,

Now there is only sleep.

The fairness of unfairness rings out across the silent plane of space time losing faith in itself,

This intricate web of reality unweaves,

Its eyelids are heavy,

It’s been a long day,

And not one quark has the slightest hunch about what might remain,

Photons have no power to speculate about other worlds,

But that is just as well for there is no answer to give,

And any true answer would not spare it a good eight hours,

Forty winks and an eternity for good luck,

That’s the kicker,

The endless sleep of a weary world,

One long since lacking life,

That ship sailed long ago,

And as it sailed it dissipated into its constituents upon reaching its black horizon,

Welcomed with open arms by the absence of light.

And as the last particle leaves existence it switches off the light on its way out.


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