I’ve got a little on my mind right now, but my brain is largely filled with the urge to lie down and possibly stuff my face with six different flavours of cake. Is this what happens when I don’t make plans for the weekend? It looks that way, but the fact that coursework should really count as a plan doesn’t really ring true when you sit down at your computer and see the slog of work that needs doing.

What the world needs is a way to weed out the people who want to learn and the people that don’t.

If we had that, then it wouldn’t be necessary to throw a whole bunch of different deadlines at me and demand that I do them all within a week of each other.

Because I will get around to them all, I would just rather they weren’t all in one collective block and I’m sure the other people on my course that aren’t missing 80 percent of their lessons would probably agree.

Is this coherent? I can’t tell anymore.

Either way I’m looking forward to the future technologies of downloading information.

As soon as my robot brain interface is ready I’m downloading archives of scientific journals directly into my noggin.

Then there shall be no need for testing!


It would also be very useful for being stuck on a video game.

No more logging onto a computer and asking why the hell the developers hid the door behind a wall, just a quick muse and there’s your answer.

As long as none of this leads to a terminator situation I’m pretty okay with it, but I suppose I haven’t considered all of the ethical implications.

I mean I certainly wouldn’t mind getting some bionic upgrades but no doubt there will be someone crying ‘it’s not natural’ from the sidelines while taking pills with nothing in them and claiming that natural paradoxically means not explainable by science.


One response to “Robotbrain

  1. I’m with you there; I’ve wanted a neural implant since I first noticed the idea in novels in the ‘80s. No more only appearing to be smart when you’re online and able to access the file or Google the information, no more not being able to recal names or numbers. Brilliant, can’t wait.

    BTW I’m nesh, but not particularly mardy and I don’t have a cob on :^)

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