Back again to bask in the sun of a Sunday afternoon that would have been a Sunday morning if the clocks hadn’t just strafed an hour to the side like some sort of sedentary crab going for its annual half a second aerobics class.

Hmm, perhaps my similes are degrading the longer I write these blogs for?

In any case, my neurons are firing once again and as I try to maintain a loose attention to the outside world on this fine day without getting blinded by the sunlight reflecting off two cars that decided they’d rather park outside my window rather than in the driveway *deep breaths* that I should probably hop onto my laptop and contribute another three hundred or so words to this mish mash of ramblings we like to call the internet.

And so I am forced to close the curtains.

Sundays have changed a lot for me since the days of church and antiques roadshow it would seem.

And on this one I’m wondering if the horn in hand is still doing beer for a pound on Sundays…

I’ll get right on that when my coursework is finished, because yes, I’m still doing it, and by the looks of it I’ll have half of my assignments done by the end of today.

And by that time I’ll be wanting to celebrate by doing nothing productive whatsoever.

Thank you for boosting my enthusiasm university!

As I’m writing this I’m beginning to remember that I committed to making good news/bad news the Sunday segment for this thing…

Looks like that’s moving to Monday!


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