A Food For Weight Loss!

I got a little spam comment today telling me ‘thanks and awesome foods for calorie loss’ today.

Now, the obvious non-sequitur aside it’s a little odd on the face of it that foods could make you lose calories by eating them. Surely, by that point they would have changed the definition of the word and would be called… not food.

For example, if you tried to eat a rock you would probably get rid of a lot of calories trying to get it in your mouth, the bit you finally managed to take off after having to use a smelting iron to slice it would cause your body a whole lot of calorie cost to fight off the pathogens it might contain, wash away the dirt from it and stick it in your faeces and you probably wouldn’t get any nutrition from it.

That would, I suppose, be a food for calorie loss, but it wouldn’t exactly be called a food…

And I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t lose much weight from it either.


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