On The Road Again

So ignoring the fact that today I took my driving practical test and failed by about the slimmest possible margin I can manage…

Actually no, I’m going to talk about this subject because there are a few problems with the way driving is assessed and also the way the roads are laid out in the UK in general.

And this is by no means a rebuttal because I did not pass my test, the examination was actually very fair, I made a genuine mistake that was understandable and I’m actually pretty happy with the outcome despite the extra money involved, I did a good job for most of the drive and the whole point of assessing drivers is to make sure they don’t make mistakes like the one I made when they go out onto the roads and into real life situations.

However, it would appear that for certain people, passing is just a ticket to do whatever the hell they feel like on the roads, for being free among the highways, forgetting that indicators exist for a reason, forgetting that you need to look where you’re going and leave room for cyclists rather than driving so close you almost knock them off, but then again, with the expenses that go towards taking these tests and the high demand for testing, could it ever be viable to test people multiple times over their driving lifetimes to make sure they meet the standards necessary for being allowed onto the roads?

Almost certainly this should happen at some point, when people have been driving independently for forty years and are beginning to lose a lot of their awareness in many areas, should it not be the DSA’s duty to make sure these people are not a risk to the public? It is not to become undignified to keep the public’s safety in mind.

Also, there are certain roads in Nottingham where it’s downright dangerous to not indicate, and where the vast majority of vehicles moving through don’t bother. Crossings, for example, where there are no green men for pedestrians, where the speed limit is 40mph and there are four different lanes moving.

That’s a hazard, and the people who do this repeatedly are dangerous to the public and therefore should be kept out of vehicles that can potentially cause fatalities until they learn how to play by the rules.


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